PAY BY CLICK. Is ultimate platform for distributors and retailers who provide online payment services We assure our clients and customers safe, secure and convenient mode of transactions. Indeed, we are unique digital platform that caters attractive and instant (real time) rewards as well as commission to our B2B partners such as distributors, retailers, clients etc., through our own developed safe and secure interface.
  • To meet the futuristic digital and online financial solutions, PAY BY CLICK believes to facilitate each and every people of the country one of most trusted, reliable and quickest online payment solution gateways.
  • Through our safe, secure, reliable and quickest payment gateway we believe to connect Semi-urban & Rural India to the mainstream of economic development.
  • We believe to work with all premier financial institutions and organizations who are leading the economy of country whether they are governmental or non-governmental bodies.
  • PAY BY CLICK believes to train, assist and work with DMR distribution networks as per mandates given by the banks.
With a vision to provide a common business platform and technology for every start-ups every business. PAY BY CLICK will empower entrepreneur’s start-ups to broaden their reach to services in their markets, thereby increasing the affordability, accessibility and variety of products available using best applied technology.

To provide a technology platform ecosystem for every Start-ups, every business, in a seamlessly networked environment, using mobile technology to deliver various services, payments and remittances in real time. To facilitate ease of doing business with technology ecosystem. To provide a platform for an inter- operable, low cost wireless technology driven infrastructure, integrated with Banking and Financial services Telco's, affordable services to the masses.